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What is downloadsnack ?

Downloadsnack is a website name which uploads digital content for free which users can download from their sites or torrents and asks its users to visit their site to get an action done.

Not clear? Read below.

Suppose, the owner of Downloadsnack site may upload latest movies, latest paid games, latest cracked paid softwares to a site or torrent. Internet users across globe love free stuff ( Tell me who doesn’t love free stuff ). So, they download these latest movies, latest paid games, latest cracked paid softwares from the site or torrents. These days uploaders of such content deliberately compresses them and sets a password for the same before uploading to a site or torrent. They would upload a latest movie like Suicide Squad or popular game like PES 2017 and sets password to open the same.

downloadsnack password.txt download

Screenshot of site

On other hand, internet users do not pay attention to what they are downloading. I say so because everyone knows that a video content like movie would popularly be a .mp4, .mkv or .flv format. They fail to see that a video content that they are about to download has a .rar or .zip format which means the file they want to download is compressed. i am not saying that you should not download compressed files ( I never said that). What i mean is that there should be a skepticism that why the movie is uploaded in .rar or .zip format.

So, internet users need to be smart enough these days and cautious while downloading any digital content. It is not You not only end up wasting your internet data to download the content, but also feel sad/disappointed that you would not be able to open those files you download.

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